Donovan is a charmer, and you only need to be a few seconds in to meeting him before he’ll be chatting you up to the point you’d think you’d known him forever. He is incredibly outgoing, and back when he came out to film with us immediately had everyone around him laughing, at ease, and enjoying his company. I wish every guy could be so at ease and such a natural in front of the cameras as Donovan – we just flipped those cameras on and let him do his thing, and he took to it instantly! Donovan likes to say “we’re all sexy”, and genuinely does have that positive approach to everyone. Donovan’s the sexy stud we’re all focused on now, though, and there’s plenty to focus on during his introductory solo – those seductive looks at the camera, that deep voice, that big dick, that incredible body, and the confidence that’s just bursting through!