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I was woken up by Skylar entering the room. I knew he wanted to mess around. Since I was already horned up, I decided what the heck and let him blow and jerk me off. He grabbed my semi-hard dick and started stroking it then he wrapped his lips around my cock and started giving me head. I just laid back and enjoyed his warm moist mouth around my dick as he sucked the head of my cock. As I moaned I just laid back and enjoyed watching him suck my cock. I took out my cell phone and started recording it for a bit and it was kind of hot watching him suck my dick while I was watching via my cell phone, it was kind of like watching porn on my phone. He kept on blowing me and stroked my dick and I knew I was getting close and I hadn’t jerk off in a while and I really blew my load, my dick kept on spurting out cum and I felt really great afterwards and what a wake up call I got.

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