Bondage Bro | Fly Tatem & Dick Deamon

Tattooed stud Fly knows his buddy Dick used to be a boy scout, so when he needs help learning knots, he asks Dick to show him the ropes. Dick immediately demonstrates a few tricks, tying Fly’s wrists and ankles together and challenging him to see if he can untie himself. With Fly right where Dick wants him in bondage, the horny top offers his big cock for a blowjob, fucking Fly’s mouth before putting him on his knees and penetrating his ass in doggystyle. Dick has to untie Fly’s ankles so he can fuck him in piledriver. Fly wants to give Dick a tip to thank him for all his help, but he gives him more than just the tip as he fucks Dick’s hole in missionary and doggystyle! Then these rope sluts top off their knots with nuts.

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