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Canelo Ment, Kellan Hartmann & Halle Storm

KELLAN HARTMANN is back from hiatus to fill Canelo Ment’s rubberband ass hole full of SWEET YOGA COCK and Halle Storms little mouth!

Well its been a long many years since anyone has seen former teen heart-throb Kellan Hartman on a porn set. But today is a new day, and Kellan wastes no time showing jacked red-head Canelo Ment and Halle Storm who may be a real life offspring of the Night Kind and Daenerys Targaryen, just sayin. Anyways, today Kellan plays one of the artsy but hot yoga instructors complete with a man bun and all. Canelo wasnt here to play though, and once he caught on to Kellans plan, he escalated it quickly, dropping to his knees to taste the greatness that is sweet yogo cock.


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