Trailer Trash Boys

Fuck You | Jack Dixon & Donnie Argento

Donnie just ain’t never gonna learn his lesson. He’s supposed to be working and not jekring but with a dick that sweet he has trouble keeping his hands off of it. A few weeks ago Daddy Jack had enough of his lazin’ around and done fucked Donnie up the butt and then blew a big load of cum in his face. Donnie thought that might be the end of it, but nopeā€¦ today Donnie shows up to work and Daddy Jack tells him “I’m not done with you yet, boy.” Then Donnie finds himself bent over the front steps of the trailer all covered in piss and before he knows it he’s got a big thick dick up his asshole. AGAIN. Damn he ain’t gonna sit down normal for another week and he got himself ANOTHER load of cum on his face. Well, fuck. No matter. Daddy Jack don’t know it but the whole reason Donnie’s been such a lazy fuck is that he loves that big thick daddy dick shoved up his hole. And feeling that hairy ass as he gets pounded makes it even better. All in a day’s work at Lot 45.

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