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Old Skool Cruisin – Part 2

After Peter busted in my mouth my dick was really hard and I was very horned up. Peter was a bit nervous and I think this was his first time sucking another guy so he started off a bit slow and I think his innocents really turned me on even more. Once he got down on his knees, Peter started sucking my long hard cock trying to suck the head of my cock. He was grabbing my cock and with him slurping my cock got harder and I just enjoyed my outdoor cock sucking adventure with my new found friend. I felt as if I was going to bust so I took a hold of my cock and stroked it a bit. I really liked watching Peter grab his cock and stroke along and he was still very rock hard. I watched him stroke as I unloaded my jizz onto the tree as I shot my load releasing my pleasure back to nature.

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