Off Duty – Part 2 | Jax Thirio & Jonah Reeves

Jonah Reeves just got done fucking Johnny Rapid’s ass, but he’s still got six months of horniness to make up for, so luckily Jax Thirio is around to help. When Jax sees Jonah rubbing his cock as they chat on the couch, he tells the sexy soldier to pull it out so he can watch, then starts sucking him. Jonah wants to see Jax’s muscular body and has him get naked, then tells Jax to hop on and ride his cock. Jax loves the feel of Jonah’s big cock in his ass and can’t stop saying so as the hunky troop tops him in spoon and doggystyle. The guys sit back to jack off, and each covers his abs with a thick load of cum.

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