Blake Mason

Leo-Rex Bunny & Ronnie Stone

Inked lads Leo-Rex and Ronnie have a lot in common, not just all the tattoos. They have the same hunger for a good cock and a hot fuck, so getting these two guys together was an obvious opportunity we couldn’t pass up. The guys are kissing from the moment we arrive, their cocks swelling in their underwear, their hands exploring, and soon enough their mouths are on those dicks while they swap head. It’s a tasty start to a great fuck for Ronnie, who sees his opportunity to slide his arse down on that dick and take his new buddy for a ride. With a little spooning and Ronnie ending up on his back Leo-Rex pumps him some more and makes his cock spew cream up his body, soon to be doubled when our top lad pulls out and showers him with his own milky goo!

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