Bring Me A Boy

Hows That Feel? | Eric Lenn & Evan Novak

It is never a good thing when your stepson gets hurt, but it is not a problem when you know the correct healing they need. When my stepson, Evan, injured himself while out for a jog, I knew my boy needed some of daddies sweet touch to make him all better. Rubbing Evan’s leg turned into me sucking on his big beautiful cock. I could not help myself, and neither could Evan. He stripped his undies off to give me a clear path to his cock and hole. I love that my boy knows what daddy likes, but that does not mean that I ignore putting him to the test. I stripped down and gave him my dick. I loved having his hands and mouth wrapped around my cock, but his hole takes the cake. I turned Evan around and slid my cock up his pretty hole. We sure abused the couch that day. Dumping my load on his dick was the icing on the twink cake.

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