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The Call Back: Tony Genius Overwhelms Jesse Stone with a Dominating Performance

Tony Genius is excited to get a call back audition for an important film. He’s worked hard preparing for this role of a lifetime, but casting director Jesse Stone is more interested in playing with his phone than watching poor Tony. Tony is a method actor and knows how to get Jesse’s attention. Jesse is subdued, gagged and bound in rope. Jesse’s arms and wrists are tied firmly to his thighs, making him unable to resist Tony’s advances. Tony strokes and slaps Jesse’s cock before flogging his pink, round ass. That ass is so sweet it deserves a leather paddle to heat it up before Tony slides his big cock in Jesse’s tender asshole. Tony removes the gag so Jesse can suck and deep throat Tony’s cock before giving Jesse more deep ass fucking. You can bet this performance is one that Jesse Stone will never forget.

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