Raging Stallion

The Stranger | Chilton Fit & Viking Muscle

Chilton Fit comes home from the gym and notices his boyfriend has left his computer open. When he sits down, he’s surprised to see a stranger (Viking Muscle) who appears to be resting on his couch on the video chat screen. The furry, built hunk tells Chilton that he’s been fooling around 3-4 times a week virtually with Chilton’s boyfriend. This is news to Chilton, but it does explain the lube and dick pump next to the computer. The smooth-talking Viking convinces Chilton to start showing off for him. As the clothes come off piece by piece, Viking spreads his hole and Chilton jacks his huge uncut cock until both hairy hunks erupt with fat loads. Thanks to Chilton’s boyfriend, Chilton and Viking are no longer strangers.

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