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What’s Your Cock Size? Malek Tobias & Viktor Rom

Malek Tobias works for a global company that has different language departments. Viktor Rom arrives at the office, where he will work for a few weeks in the Spanish speaking department. When they greet each other, it appears that there is a language barrier. Malek escorts Viktor to his new office. Once there, they sit down and start to talk. Malek asks a few questions but Viktor doesn’t seem to understand a word. For that reason, Malek starts making comments about Viktor’s big bulge and says he’s sure that there’s a big cock inside those trousers. When Malek asks him for the size of his cock, Viktor answers in Spanish “si quieres puedes comprobarlo tú mismo” (if you want you can check it out yourself)! Seems Viktor isn’t as ignorant as Malek thought.

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