Trailer Trash Boys

Fuck Me Cuz | Jake Morgan & Jesse Zeppelin

That Jake. He’s always lookin for some way to get out of workin. Today he’s fixin to get hisself a used mattress down at the resale shop by the train tracks so he can put it in the storage room and go in and sleep so people will think he’s workin. Well, Jesse reminds him that if his hairy ass is laying down all ready for action, those boy from Lot 45 are just gonna line themselves up outside of that closet and take their turns pounding his hole. But Jake wants some hold pounding so Jesse slides his big thick dick up Jake’s asshole. Jesse bends him over and fucks him like a dog does it, then he lays own and makes Jake ride that dick until Jesse shoots his load in his hole. Just how we do it at Lot 45.

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