Jake Ducati

How adorable and sexy is Jake Ducati! And he is nice too!.This Italian boy has a great face sprinkled with freckles, giving him an innocent charm. He is an out and proud 22-year-old who has been with his boyfriend over a year. His BF is fine with him doing adult video, and may even give it a try too. Jake has a hot body as well. And his cock is amazing! It is nearly 7.5-inches but it is that girth that will get ya! It over 6″ thick.His cock is so thick that some guys have trouble taking it. Yes, I know, you could take it for him. So, he has been bottoming a bit more, and finding he likes it as well. He got hard very quickly, and when he jerks-off, he stayed focused on his head, but I did ask him to slow down and show-off his cock to us the more confident he was staying hard. He gives us quite a few excellent flashes of his thick dick. This is a very hot young man, and you will love his energy! Hope to get him back soon for full-on work! He was also a distance shooter and gave himself the start of a peal necklace. This must be a thing now as I have had a couple models spraying cock at their face!

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