Colby Knox

Jack Valor & Mason Dean Fuck In The Gym

Mason Dean and Jack Valor spend some time up close and personal in the studio’s gym. Being egged on and filmed by Mickey Knox, the two boys really run the full gambit from fitness to pleasure. They play around on the equipment a bit in the beginning, light fun feel to the day. Jack Valor is the first to drop to his knees, eyeballing that impressive bulge of on Mason finally gets the better of him as he gorges that thick beast into his throat over and over again. Mason Dean reciprocates by giving Jack’s ass a nice long licking, drooling with anticipation for the inevitable. Jack Valor takes charge and lays Mason down on the bench so he can buck up and down on his big thick cock. The two boys go at each other making fun and sexy use of their surrounding as they fulfill every gym goers fantasy!!! Enjoy!!!

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