Corbin Fisher

Rileys First Time (with Zander)

We know Riley’s always up for a new adventure from his introductory solo, where we learned he’s a hiking, mountain climbing, outdoors-loving guy who’s constantly on the lookout for something new to experience and explore. Well, today he’s exploring Zander’s hole! Riley explores it oh so well, in fact – first with his tongue, and then with his hard cock – that he has Zander moaning and panting and blasting out a big load while Riley’s cock pumps his ass. Riley’s an outdoorsman and an athlete, and that shows here. While he has Zander bent over the bed, Riley truly goes to town on Zander’s ass. He pounds Zander with hard, strong strokes, and the sound of flesh slapping fills the room. Treating Zander to one final favor, at the end of this episode Riley’s feeding Zander a big load! Welcome to CF, Riley!

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