Issue #219 {Budapest Adventure}

Ashton Montana with Eluan Jeunet & Tom Houston

As production manager for our Budapest Adventure series, Eluan get’s first dibs at all the new guys as they come along. At least that’s Eluan’s interpretation of his role. Two of those new guys, Ashton and Tom, are finishing a dual photo-session and enjoying a quick shower together. Eluan’s intention was to pick up the boys, drive them home and then catch up on his paperwork. However, the joint photo-session and shower has left both of our newbies very horny and too much for poor Eluan to resist. The sex here is hot and sweaty with Tom first fucking Eluan before swapping holes to give Ashton a serious pounding. Once Ashton is loosened up sufficiently, Tom tags out to allow Eluan to satisfy Ashton’s need for a good fucking.

Jorik Tautou & Elio Chalamet

One of our star freshmen next year will be the twinky Jorik Tautou. His proper introduction will start in January. For now, enjoy his scene with Elio as part of our Budapest Adventure. The start of our scene reveals that these two sexy guys also have a photo-session together which you will see later. Jorik is also a star of our “Summer in Prague” series so those of you who are also members of BelAmiOnline will be getting a double dose of Jorik for a while. This scene reveals two facets of Jorik: First that he can be quite a demanding bottom. Secondly, if his demands are met, he’ll reward his top with a cum shot that must be seen to be believed.

Ritchie Argento – PHOTOS

Our model for this issue of our ‘Budapest Adventure’ is Ritchie Argento. Ritchie is by far the most popular model from our Budapest chat studio and was more than happy to get his kit off for this photoset. Ritchie is a very athletic guy without being overly muscled. He has a very sexy ‘clean-cut’ look about him and a massive dick. Those who are also fans of succulent round nipples have found your guy.

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