Issue #218 {Chat Boy Special}

Jason Bacall with Pip Caulfield & Elio Chalamet

Our couple for the other sex scene in this “Chat Boy” special, Paul and Carlos, both started off in chat prior to filming for us. These three boys took the opposite journey, starting off filming for us before trying their hand at chatting. For Pip and Jason, the chat experiment was a failure, both preferring the structure of our normal filming. Elio, however, enjoys the immediate interaction with an audience and now spends several hours every day on BelAmiChat. Our scene begins with Jason and Elio barging in on a training session Kevin is conducting with Timothy Blue. Thus, we are treated to the bonus of watching a few moments of a training session that otherwise would have remained hidden forever. The soap opera continues into the main scene with Pip and Elio beginning the action before the cameraman arrives. When Jason joins in, we are treated to what is probably the Freshmen three-way of the year.

Paul Cassidy & Carlos Effort

Both Paul Cassidy and Carlos Effort are natural flirts- both on chat and their own amateur websites. If it appears as if this isn’t their first time together than this is one time where appearances are not deceiving. Though this is their first time fucking, they do share a bed every night and often “help each other out” when their needs and dicks arise. Our duo our accompanying other members of our chat team today as they embark on a team building hike, taking photos for social media. It is when they get home that the fun begins. When Paul suggests that Carlos wanted a bit more than a housemate arrangement Kevin sees the dual opportunity of both being a matchmaker and filming a hot scene. So, Kevin suggests filming this home video. We’re happy that he did. Great sex is mostly about chemistry which Paul and Carlos have an abundance of, making for a scorching hot scene.

Tom Houston

Though some of you have seen Tom at BelAmiChat, this is a proper introduction to a new model you will be seeing much more of next year. Is there such thing as a perfect porn performer? Tom may qualify as he is insanely handsome, sweet and charming and a demon in bed. We can look forward to great performances coming from him. You’ll want to watch this interview and solo to learn more. This will hopefully hold you over till next week where he makes his hardcore debut as part of our Budapest Adventure series.

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